Glow Psychology is an independent clinical psychology practice offering psychological assessment and tailored psychological therapy, in Surrey and online.

Run by Dr Gursharan Lotey, Glow Psychology specialises in working with children, teenagers, and adults who experience a range of psychological and mental health difficulties.

I believe we all have a glow, but for so many of us it becomes dulled by anxieties, stresses and traumas. Whether painful experiences from your past, or challenges you’re currently facing, I can help you to rediscover your glow the way you deserve to.

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Consultation & Training 

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how i can help

People who find their way to me experience some of the following difficulties:

Anxiety and stress

Anger difficulties

Grief & loss

Childhood & developmental trauma

Child & Adolescent mental health 

Confidence & self-esteem

Depression & low mood

Guilt & Shame

Family conflicts 

Cross cultural issues

Obsessions and Compulsions (OCD)

Overthinking & worry



Difficulties in relationships 

Self-doubt or self-criticism

your journey

Therapy can seem like a daunting process, especially if it’s completely new to you. 

 It certainly isn’t about lying on a leather couch and talking about everything that has ever happened to you! It can be hard taking that first step in asking for help and support. At Glow Psychology, you are in safe hands. I am by your side to help guide you, and work at a pace that allows you to feel at ease, heard and understood. I can help you to find courage so you can move forward in a way that’s brighter than before. 

Therapy should be a place where you can feel empowered, find hope, meaning and purpose.